Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Immigration to Israel Breaks Records in 2005

Israel Hasbara Committee:

The Jewish Agency reported that immigration to Israel broke some records in 2005, as more than 23,000 people decided to move to the Jewish state this past year. Officials said that Jews from western nations that made “Aliyah”, the Hebrew term for becoming an Israeli citizen, rose significantly due to organizations that give grants, helping to make the process of absorption into Israeli society easier.

Meanwhile, the overall increase is said to either be a result of a drop in Palestinian terror attacks or an improved economic situation that is expected extend into the coming year.

Some of the latest numbers are as follows:

  • 2,980 immigrated to Israel from France, a 34-year record.
  • 3,052 arrived from North America, the highest in twenty two years.
  • 9,124 came to Israel from the former Soviet Union.
  • 3,700 immigrated from Ethiopia, the same as in 2004
  • 1,850 arrived from South America, up 37.2 percent.
  • 453 arriving from the United Kingdom, a small increase from last year.

In addition an estimated 5,700 Israelis moved back to Israel in 2005 and the year saw 29,712 students taking part in short and long-term programs in Israel, with that number expected to increase in 2006.