Sunday, December 25, 2005

Likud poised to quit government

From Ynet:

Newly elected Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu apparently has his mind set on having Likud ministers quit the coalition immediately after the party's Central Committee convention, scheduled to be held Monday and Tuesday, party officials told Ynet.

The new party leader discussed the matter with senior Likud ministers Sunday, and plans to complete a round of talks with other ministers and Knesset members before he decides on a final date.

Top ranking Likud ministers said in conversations with Ynet that Netanyahu has already informed them of his intention to leave the coalition immediately following Tuesday's meeting, a move which will enable Likud to strike against the government more powerfully than before.
According to Likud sources, any delay in leaving the coalition would make it more difficult for the party to criticize the government on its handling of security and political issues.

"We must warn against the government's security policy concerning the increasing Gaza terror attacks, and the Qassam fire in particular. Ever since the disengagement, the terror in the Strip has reached monstrous proportions, and the government seems weak, unable and preoccupied with the prime ministers' diet," a senior party official said.