Wednesday, January 18, 2006

German intelligence aiding Israel on Iran


The German media reports that the BND Federal Intelligence Service has been quietly assisting Israel's Mossad intelligence service on Iran.

According to the Kolner Stadt-Unzeiger, Germany's Bundesnachrichtendienst has been providing Mossad with documents permitting agents to travel the Middle East on "delicate employments" with German documentation, according to a former high-level BND agent.

The anonymous BND source further asserted that Mossad agents are using their German travel documents in Iran in connection with possible air raids on Iranian nuclear facilities, which have recently been reported as being scheduled for March.

Germany, with European Union partners Britain and France, has for months been attempting to negotiate a way out of the international impasse over Iran's self-proclaimed civilian nuclear energy program, which the Bush administration and Israel insist is a covert platform for a secret military program.

In the wake of the failure of Monday's talks with Tehran, Germany is calling for an urgent meeting of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency in February.