Friday, January 27, 2006

Iran Accuses US-Israel of causing Plane Crashes


Iran accused the United States, the United Kingdom and above all Israel of "playing a part in the latest two plane crashes which took place in the country."

Iranian Interior Minister Mustafa Purmohammedi, in a speech he made at a seminar Wednesday, said they have information that these three countries played a role in these crashes.
Purmohammedi claimed "US, British and Israeli secret services want to cause insecurity in Iran" though declining to elaborate further his accusations.

This allegation may increase the tension between Iran and the West, experts argued.
Iran made the accusation that "US and UK played a part" in the explosions in the town of Ahvaz where eight people died.

When a military aircraft fell in early January, 11 people died, including five generals; one of whom the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Ground Forces Ahmad Kazemi.

A C-130 type military cargo aircraft carrying journalists going to observe military exercises crashed into a building near the Tehran Mehrabad Airport in December 2005, 108 people died.