Monday, January 23, 2006

Western Wall area cleared due to fake bomb


Police officers cleared the Western Wall area of worshippers Sunday night after finding a suspicious object, which later turned out to be a fake bomb used by security guards during an exercise they held at the site.

It remains unclear why the guards left the fake bomb behind.

According to an initial investigation into the incident, the company in charge of security at the Western Wall held an exercise for its employees. At around 10:30 p.m. a tin can with wires protruding from it, which was left behind by one of the guards, was found in the men’s prayer section.

Worshippers were immediately evacuated and sappers were dispatched to the scene.

At first police officers believed the fake bomb was planted by right-wing activists, as was the case in similar incidents in the past, but this assumption was dismissed when no note was found near the bomb.

A half-hour later Border Guard sappers examining the device said the can was placed as a hoax, but a short while later it became evident that the can was left behind by the security guards.