Friday, February 03, 2006

J-Light Bulbs

An age old conundrum with a Jblog twist.

How many Jbloggers does it take to change a light bulb?

Gil: There is a dispute between R. Hayyim Ozer Grodzinski, the author of Ahiezer and R. Avraham Yishayahu Karelitz, the author of Hazon Ish regarding the halakhic status of electricity.

GH: Firstly, I am not required to believe that the light bulb burned out, it's not an Ikar. Secondly, even if it was an Ikar there is always Marc "no Ikrim" Shapiro. I will not go running to change the light bulb just because someone tells me the bulb burned out. I say, show me some proof. And before all you light bulb clowns come running with the burned out bulb, let me state for the record that that kind of proof has been totally debunked. I'm talking real proof. Unless, of course, you are the Rebbetzin asking. In that case, forget the proof, I'll come running as fast as my little legs can carry me.

DB: Burned out light bulbs? It's all the Republicans fault.

Ezzie: Burned out light bulbs? It's all the Democrats fault.

OM: I overheard some fellow Fivetowners discussing this yesterday at the sushi place. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. HIRING AN INTERIOR DECORATOR TO CHANGE A LIGHT BULB????

Mar Gavriel: I had just returned home from KOA where I had gone for `arvitho (after trying to go to OZ only to find out they had already davven'd `arvitho) when I noticed that the bulb in my room had burned out. I went to check my closet for a new bulb but there were no new bulbs in my closet. I sat down on my bed to consider my options. My first thought was that I should call one of the FreshSamanthalings. After all, being an honorary member of their family should count for something. But then I realized that I had spent so much time looking for a bulb and now it was too late to call any of the FreshSamanthalings. So I tried LabRab. No answer on his cell phone. As I was about to give up my phone rang. It was LabRab calling to offer me his job. And then I woke up.