Monday, November 20, 2006

In Lakewood too long?

Top ten fifteen signs that you've lived in Lakewood too long:

1. You refer to shopping on Clifton Avenue as "going to town".

2. You call Bais Eliyahu "the trailers".

3. You remember what used to stand on the parking lot between Yeshiva and the Legion.

4. You went to school in the Legion.

5. You remember what lies beneath the painted over mural on the Irv.

6. You bought pizza from the pizza truck.

7. You swam at the Y.

8. You attended simchos in The Simcha Room.

9. You remember the Holiday Inn.

10. You once didn't know what a townhouse was.

11. You shopped at the Co-op on Forest and Ninth.

12. You remember when Shloimy's was ShopRite and ShopRite was Shelby's.

13. You remember when Jamesway wasn't Yeshiva's warehouse.

14. You remember creeping down a dark rickety wooden staircase to toivel a pot.

15. You know who Chaim Yukel was.

Feel free to add to this list.