Friday, January 06, 2006

Auschwitz ad offends Jewish groups

What's next, AuschwitzLand? Six Flags Over Auschwitz?


A Krakow bus company has angered Polish Jews and relatives of Auschwitz survivors and victims with ads for tours that feature a picture of barbed wire.

Piotr Kadlcik, chairman of Poland's Union of Religious Jewish Communities, told the Jerusalem Post the PKS Malopolska bus company's posters are "outrageous and beyond tasteless." He said he thought the bus company was being "stupid," not deliberately offensive.

The poster has a soft-focus photograph of a camp building with barbed wire in sharp focus. The text offers $24 tours to Auschwitz with the words "Auschwitz? With a return ticket? From the city center? Yes it's possible."

The bus company's president, Tomasz Stanek, said he had no intention of offending anyone. He said his company is the only one in Krakow that provides tours featuring the pre-war Jewish community of Oswiecim or Auschwitz.