Friday, February 24, 2006

Bird Shot

See here.
Rabbi Simon Dahan, a member of Paris' Beth Din, the statuary body for religious matters, said that the European Commission approval of French and Dutch plans to vaccinate millions of their poultry against bird flu, might cause a problem in regard to kashrut (Jewish religious dietary laws).
I am no expert on birds, kashrus or vaccinations but just last night I was reading an article in the latest Star-K Kashrus Kurrants (not yet posted on their website) which attempted to display the many differences between the Rabanut hechsher and the Rabanut Mehadrin hechsher. Amongst the numerous differences was one related to inoculations. Basically, regular Rabanut has no mashgiach supervising the inoculation process to insure that the bird is not rendered a traifah. Mehadrin, on the other hand, does supervise the process and rejects any birds that may have been rendered traifah.
My point is, it seems that even before bird flu, birds were receiving some inoculations already and that there seems to be a way of inoculating birds which does not create any kashrus problem. That's all.