Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Time for a Kofi break

Good old Kofi.

The one man who may actually be more corrupt than Sharon.

He recently recieved the coveted Zayed Enviromental Prize from Dubai, worth a cool million. He says he will use the prize money to "establish a foundation to work in Africa for argiculture and girls education". Sure. He also said that the oil for food program was about oil for food.

So he's now calling on the US to recognize Hamas. He even met with Bush about this. He's the leader of the UN, and he's calling for international recognition of a terrorist group. How nice.

His tenure as UN SecGen will soon be over, but why is this guy still given the time of day by world leaders? Yes, he's the SecGen, but that is precisely the question. Why is such a corrupt man still tolerated? And why is Dubai giving him money? Does it have something to do with his cartoon comments, or is it something else? Does it have to do with his future plans?

Will he need to reside in a country that won't extradite?

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