Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hook, line and sinker

So Iran's largest newspaper is having a competition to find the best Holocaust cartoon in retaliation for the publication of the Mohammad cartoon.

In retaliation?

How so?

I don't see how the Danish newspapermen are being effected by this Iranian contest. Really, how'd the Jews get involved in this one? Is it just because of Ahmadinejad's unhealthy holocaust obsession, or is it something more? But that's not my point here.

Arieh O'Sullivan, spokesman of ADL's Israel office: "What bothers us (is that) this incident has been used by the Arab world basically as an excuse to stick it to the Jews," he said.

"What bothers us"?

Let them print all the fish wrap they want, it honestly doesn't bother me. Even if it did, I'd keep it to myself. On the other hand, the ADL making a statement like this does bother me. On the surface there is nothing wrong with what O'Sullivan is saying, but how can he miss the fact that the Iranians are looking for a response? For outrage? He's giving it to them, he's making it work for them. Doing so ensures that this rather childish anti-semitic provocation actually provokes. It makes it work.

Bad move.