Thursday, March 09, 2006

Guilt? Shame?

Well, that was some letter to Rabbi Twerski. Where do they dig up people who scratch 3 year olds. I am not even sure what that means to do that out of anger to a child. Doesn't sound normal. I don't know much about stories of the "Chozeh of Lublin" but it seems to me that Rabbi Twerski was stretching more than a bit. I do have letters after my name and legally a person who did what this "Rebbi" did should have been reported to the authorities for child abuse and for sure should be seeking help. That would be help for his abuse of children and not for his guilt!

The whole story sounds weird and the response of Rabbi Twerski sounds weirder. I have to agree with LkwdGuy. If this pennitent says that "I don't know why I did it" then he should not be teaching at all. He definitely has issues that could flare up at any time. His lack of insight is potentially dangerous.

May Hashem protect us all from such craziness.