Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Avraham Fried song

I don't know who wrote this, but I have a few issues with this song (well, the part we can hear on this clip anyway).

First of all, I don't like the way he dictates to God. Some may think I'm nitpicking, but it just smells wrong to me. Sometimes it's almost as if he's God forbid talking down to Hashem, as if Hashem needs his comforting and his hand holding. It just struck me the wrong way.

At 1:49 he says "Father in heaven, there's no reason at all, your precious children still are so far from home". No reason? God forbid. Sure, we do not understand His ways, but Hashem doesn't do things for "no reason at all".

Then he says "We've done all we can". Oh really? Who decided that? It's as if, we did our part, but Hashem is delaying things for other reasons. What could those reason be? You don't know? Wow, you seemed to know everything else!

Next words: "now it's in your hands". As if it wasn't until now. What is going on here?

"The whole world is waiting for you". Incorrect. It's Hashem who is waiting for us. If we already did all we can, this would not be an issue, for obvious reasons.

But I gotta say, he sings it well, not his usual rusty hinge-type kvetching. And I like the niggun.