Wednesday, July 26, 2006

LkwdGuy/Lakewood Yid

LakewoodYid writes:
The other day as I was walking on the street, a Black man stuck his hand out to me and asked for a quarter.

I gave one to him.

My thoughts: Its was definitely worth the 25 cents, to have a Goy think highly of Jews. Now of course, this doesn't mean that one should run around passing out quarters to every Goy on the street. But once this Goy had already stuck his hand out, I thought it would be a Kiddush Hashem to give him one. To show him that Jews are compassionate people.

My comment:

I spent last night in the ER with a non-jewish employee of mine that attempted suicide. He told me that he was depressed and needed help and then I noticed the slash marks on his wrists and had him brought to the hospital. Things like ayn ma'alin v'ayn moridin went through my mind but not for any real amount of time. Vrachamav al kolmaasov won out without much of a battle.


Who said this:

Our philosophy asserts that every human being is created in the image of the Lord and the primacy of integrity and honesty in all dealings without exception. I strongly repudiate any assertions in the name of Judaism that do not represent and reflect this philosophy.

A. Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm
B. Malcolm Hoenlien
C. Rabbi A. M. Kotler