Monday, July 17, 2006

CNN - oops!

It's a serious time, and not a time to poke fun. But it IS CNN. And CNN is always open season.

A nameless CNN anchorwoman is discussing the Hezbollah strike on Nazereth.

Click here to view the video.

At about 1:42 in, she says:

"And Anand, help us understand the significance of this, because while it has been, I guess, open knowledge that Hezbollah had, uhh, some missiles that could reach some twenty miles, there was fear and growing concern they might use missiles they may have that reach thirty miles or potentially even more. So this strike in Nazereth, this historic city, which is known to be the place of residence of Jesus's parents Joesph and Mary would fit the bill of being struck by a missile of longer range?"

Did she just say that?

Yes. Yes, she did.