Thursday, July 06, 2006

The sham of the UNHRC

UNHRC to send mission to Gaza.

Personally I think Israel should not let them in. It's an obvious witchhunt. Reminds me of the "Jenin massacre" investigation.

I like this part:

John Dugard, UN special rapporteur on human rights in the territories, will head the fact-finding team. In a speech to the talks on Wednesday the South African jurist accused Israel of violating the "most fundamental norms" of international human rights law.

So the guy heading the team already condemned Israel before setting foot in Gaza. Some "fact-finding" mission this is going to be.

And how can anyone miss this: What can the Palestinians possibly gain by attacking Israel at this point, either through suicide bombings, rocket attacks or the attack on the Army base? Israel withdrew from Gaza giving the Palestinians their first sovereign land in history. The current Israeli government wants to withdraw from most of the West Bank as well. This can only hurt their cause! Unless it's not land they're after, rather the destruction of Israel, or at least causing the deaths of as many Israelis as possible. Where is the UNHRC?

Required reading about the "new" UNHRC from Jpost.