Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Guest post from Yeshiva Orthodoxy.

While driving around lately I've noticed a curious thing.

The cars and minivans that are: driving most erratically; swerving in and out of lanes; obnoxiously honking; risking my life with their speeding; etc., - have prominently displayed on its rear: a green ribbon magnet written on it: "1800 cucumber"!

I'm not trying to cast aspersions, promote conspiracy theories; or CH"V derail a very fine organization, but now when I'm home using the phone service which these ribbons promote, I tightly strap myself in.


Just days after a frum Lakewood man was charged with bribing a police officer, I read in the news how Kiryas Yoel gives more money to state lobbyists than any other NY town or city!

Some 675,000 kiryas yoel, taxpayers' bucks went to influence public officials.

So I guess if you want to LEGALLY bribe an officer: hire a lobbyist to do it for you!


I was born a couple of decades to soon.

When I was in an out-of-town yeshiva and trying to get through a gruesome winter zman, for a little bit of entertainment I'd have to tirelessly scour the entire neighborhood to purchase a radio that was small enough to hide in my pocket, or squeeze into some shoe under my bed.

All so I could listen to a ballgame and Bob Grant.

Welcome to the 21st century.

The new, small, fancy-shmancy full service cell phones do absolutely anything and everything. They serve as a computer, VCR, TV, a camcorder, etc.
These uber-smart, tiny, entertainment machines bring the entire world to your palm, are easy to hide, and boy, can they help you pass time.

The present generation of spoiled out-of-town bochurim don't appreciate just know how "good" they have it!