Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why Remember?

David of Lakewood, a very talented and entertaining writer, writes:

This Friday is the 20th of Sivan. Please spare one moment to remember Tach vTat.
Our grandparents and their tragedy.

Let'’s hope in 200 years from now (if G-d forbid Moshicach hasn't come) our great-grandchildren won'’t be here pleading to spare a moment to remember the Holocaust.

(Read the entire post. It's great writing.)

My thoughts:

I'm just thinking out loud, so please nobody shoot me.

What is the point of "remembering"? Of course, this is part of our history, but is there something more to "remembering"? If we "remember", does it somehow make their deaths more meaningful?

We have a mitzvah to rememberer the sheebud in mitzrayim, not merely for the sake of remembering but because only through understanding the slavery can we truly appreciate the miracle of the freedom.

We have a mitzvah of remembering the acts of Amalek, in order to fulfill the commandment of timcheh es zaicher amalek.

But what cause is served by "remembering" just for the sake of remembering? Is "remembering" a goal in and of itself?

As I said, I'm just thinking out loud, not expressing any opinions, so be kind to me.