Thursday, May 25, 2006


I bought a used office chair today from a used office furniture place. It had good leather, high back and felt great. I was googling today about the chair and I found it on the manufacturer's website here. Apparently it's called the Vitra Imago and it's like a high end snazzy chair designed by some Italian dude named Mario Bellini whose signature is engraved on a a metal piece on the back of the chair. The exact same chair in grey is on eBay starting at $1,295. It's going new for $4740 over here.

Most sites selling it are in German so I can't figure them out, but I know that the $75 I paid was probably a darn good deal. :)

I'll be watching the eBay listings closely. If someone out there is dumb enough to pay big money for those, this baby is going up for sale.