Monday, May 08, 2006

Upsetting Behavior

Life-Of-Rubin writes about some upsetting behavior he experienced.

This is something many of us have experienced in different ways. There was a time when being frum meant that we had integrity. That time is gone. Of course many of us, perhaps even most of us are still honest people, but that is no longer the perception. Money has become more important than halachah to too many people.

Case in point: A friend of mine was looking for a house. A few days ago he found a house that may suit his needs, but it needed plenty of work. He called a "frum" construction guy to come look at the house with him so he would have some idea of the cost of renovation. The guy gave him an estimate and left. The next day the construction guy called the realtor and tried to buy the house (he obviously thought it was a good deal), after he had known that my friend had already made a verbal contract with the seller.

We all have our own stories.

It's sad, but some people just don't realize what being Jewish is all about. How do we go about fixing this? Sure, you try to teach your children as best as you can, and try to lead by example, but your kids still go to school. They still have friends. They are subject to different environments whether the parents like it or not.