Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Boro Park "Riots".

Riots? Please. LA and Crown Heights rioters would take offense. Even the police won't call this a riot. Of course some media outlets will milk this for all it's worth.

That said, what happened?
  1. Do some Boro Parkers believe they are living in Israel?
  2. Are some people really incapable of thinking before acting?
  3. Are some people just idiots?
  4. Were some Boro Parkers feeling left out of the Satmar Chilul Hashem party?
I think the answers are 1,2 & 3.

Which reminds me of a saying of R' Noach Weinberg's: "Do not judge Judaism by the Jews".

I think I need to make that into a bumper sticker. Or at least into a sign for my anti Neturei Karta counter-demonstrations.

We need to remember that we are living in Golus. We live in this 'Medina shel Chessed' by their good graces. Most countries that we have lived in have eventually turned on us. Must we try our hardest for it to happen here too?

It doesn't matter if they beat the poor man to death, there are ways to handle these things. These kinds of antics are always counter-productive, make a huge Chilul Hashem and hurt your cause.

May Hashem protect us regardless of our shortcomings, because they seem to be getting bigger every day.