Tuesday, March 21, 2006

One more special Purim Story

I need to get off Purim topics already, but I wanted to share this story I recently heard.

Many people give money and write checks on Purim. It's a beautiful thing. Here's one man's story.

He's locally known as a well-to-do businessman (let's call him Mr. A), so many groups of collectors come to his house on Purim. They usually put on a big party, it's become sort of an annual event. Not this year however. His house was dark on Ta'anis Esther night. People wondered if he was away for Purim for some reason or perhaps he simply could not afford it anymore. It was puzzling to say the least. Those close to him could not understand it, they were sure he could still afford it, and he hadn't mentioned he was going out of town.

Someone in the know told me the real story.

Mr. A had become aware that another man in town (Mr. B) was in a similar situation. He made a big bash every year, it was not to be missed. However, Mr. B had taken a big financial hit this past year and was unable to afford to make his annual party. A week before Purim Mr. A wrote a check for the entire amount he was about to spend on his own party to Mr. B, so that he should not suffer the embarrassment of people wondering if he could not longer afford it. He took that embarrassment on himself instead.

I heard this story from a wise and learned man. Upon finishing the story he mentioned "This is something I'd expect to hear about R' Yisroel Salanter"!