Monday, March 13, 2006

Mishloach Manos cards

It seems that there's a new fundraising campaign picked up by several organizations. Basically, you buy cards from them and send them to your out-of-town friends instead of Mishloach Manos. On the card is printed a short message, that instead of sending Mishloach Manos, a donation has been made in your name to the organization.

The mitzva of Mishloach Manos is sending two food items to a friend. That's the way it's brought down in halacha.

Sending "manos" to a friend. Not cards.

In no way am I knocking these excellent organizations. They do great work and I fully support them. But this is not Mishloach Manos in any shape or form. If it was a donation to the poor I could live with it, because it's in the purim spirit even if it's not Mishloach Manos at all. But in some cases it's not going to poor people either.

This is not Mishloach Manos, and in my personal opinion it's wrong to raise money this way.