Monday, April 24, 2006

The MEME of A through Z

Did not yet have time to blog after Pesach, but a MEME does not leave you with much choice. I was thoughfully tagged by Jameel (who better not delete his blog), so I'll take the time out of my overly hectic schedule to do this (Kidding. Well, not really.)

Accent: North American English. My Hebrew sounds like North American Hebrew as well.

Booze: Glenrothes is without a doubt my favorite scotch. I drink Vodka too. Wine is not my thing really.

Chore I Hate: Most of them. Particularly going to the Dry Cleaners.

Dogs/Cats: I hate everything feline. Cats scare me. They always look at you like they have something going on that you don't know about. And don't get me started on the Jerusalem cats. Dogs are okay I guess, but I don't presently have one. Perhaps one day.

Essential Electronics: I cannot live without my Blackberry, iPaq and computer. Really, I can't.

Favorite Perfume/Cologne: Issey Miyake.

Gold/Silver: Nothing to say here (some people know where I live!)

Hometown: East Coast US. May change in the near future.

Insomnia: Occasionaly. Sometimes I can be reading a good book, I look up and it's 4 AM.

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Kids: None yet.

Living Arrangements: Intentionally left blank. :)

Most Admired Trait: Being able to srive a car while steering with my knees, closing the door and changing the cd at the same time.

Number of sexual partners: Elventy billion. Dumb question for this kind of blog.

Overnight Hospital Stays: Never, b"h. Not that I can remember anyway.

Phobia: Hmmmm, I guess I get claustrophobic sometimes.

Quote: "Getting old is mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter!" (not mine.)

Religion: Doh!

Siblings: Many, K"h. YOu wouldn't believe it if I told ya.

Time I usually wake up: Depends on the day. More accurately, it depends on the night before.

Unusual Talent: Playing guitar and saxaphone is not really unusual, so nothing really. Wait, is being able to beat you at Boggle a talent?

Vegetable I refuse to eat: I eat pretty much anything that appears in the fridge, be it fruit, vegetable or cardboard.

Worst Habit: I refuse to wash dishes. I can't do it. And no, I won't try.

X-Rays: Just my teeth. Never broke a bone, thank God.

Yummy Foods I make: How do I choose? I cook alot of different dishes, mostly Italian food though.

Zodiac Sign: Don't have the foggiest clue. Really.

Tagging...Orthomom, Lkwdguy,, and S.