Monday, July 17, 2006

Wow, what a speech!

I was very moved by Prime Minister Olmert's speech today. Yes, I know he probably has great speechwriters, and I would not exactly call him a man of God. But I think his inclusion of the "Mi Sheberach" that is said by some people for the soldiers of the IDF , and the inclusion of the pesukim from Yermiah was not only a great move, but the correct one.

Full translated text of the speech.

He appealed for help from God.

No longer can people dismiss it all as 'Kochi V'Otzem Yadi' (KVY). He publicly asked for divine assistance.

Yes, he did make the obligatory KVY statement right before his tefilla when he said:

"The strength of the State of Israel relies on the strength and capability of the IDF. This strength is the main guarantee to preserving and defending our lives on this land. "

But so what. That's to be expected. Asking for the help of God was not. And it's message was felt by me.

Now I'm not stupid. I know Olmert is a shrewd politician, and I think we know his true colors. But I also know there are no athiests in foxholes. And if the only thing this did is serve to pull the sometimes bitterly divided country a little closer together in this time of need, so be it. I applaud him for that.

And I say a heartfelt "Amein".