Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Iranian AIDS vaccine! Why?

So Iran is claiming to have developed an AIDS drug.

From Ynet:

Iranian officials claim local scientists have developed drug for AIDS containment that can also be applied in cases of weak immune system. President Ahmadinejad confirms development in research, but says not ready for formal announcement...

...On Wednesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held a speech at Tehran University implying that: "There is a development on the issue, and if we announce it this would mean a tremendous development, but for now we lack the ability to answer all questions and we must continue dealing with different aspects of the matter...

...FARS also reported of 13,357 known AIDS patients in Iran. However, a more realistic estimate stands at 70,000.
From the CIA factbook on Iran:

  • Iranians who have died from Aids: 800 (2003 est.)
  • Iranians living with AIDS: 31,000 (2001 est.)
  • Adult prevelence in Iran: less than 0.1% (2001 est.)
Which begs the question. Why is Iran working on an AIDS cure when hardly any Iranians have AIDS?

There is an obvious answer, which is to get the whole world knocking on their door. Gives them some kind of leverage.

Can there be a more sinister reason at work here?

We all know Hezbollah is an Iranian proxy. They are armed, funded and supported by Iran. They ARE Iran. We also know that Al-Manar TV is a Hezbollah propoganda station. They own and operate it.

Read this Reuters article from December 1st, 2004.
Paris - France's broadcasting authority called for a ban on television broadcasts to Europe by Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrilla group on Tuesday, after the satellite station claimed Zionists were trying to export Aids to Arab countries.

Reacting only a week after it approved the station despite charges it was violently anti-Semitic, the Higher Audiovisual Council (CSA) said it would ask a court to ban al-Manar TV for breaking its pledge not to incite hatred among religions.

The CSA cited as evidence an al-Manar broadcast last week that spoke of "Zionist attempts to transmit dangerous diseases like Aids through exports to Arab countries". The broadcast said Israel had "no scruples" about infecting Arabs and Muslims.
They are not the only ones.

The November 2001 issue of the Egyptian science journal Al-'Ilm (chaired by Egypt's Minister of Higher Education and the State for Scientific Research, Mufid Shihab) made the claim that:
Jewish tourists infected with AIDS are traveling around Asian and African countries with the aim of spreading the disease."(Source: Memri)
Our dear friend these days, Colonel Mu'ammar Qadhafi didn't want to miss the fun.

Quoted in the Egyptian government daily:
"Our brother, the Colonel Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi, the leader of the Libyan revolution, revealed that two years ago Libyan children in the city of Benghazi suffered from the most abominable crime in the history of mankind, when foreign nurses injected them with the AIDS virus, while pretending to immunize them."

"Qadhafi added that there are those who think that the CIA or the Israeli Mossad were behind this crime. He emphasized that these children were transported to Europe for treatment and that European health authorities are well aware of the matter. Other [infected] children are treated by Libyan clinics."
Iran may not be doing this for leverage. They just might be doing this to save the Islamic world from those barbaric Zionists who are infecting the world with the AIDS virus!

All hail the great Islamic heros!