Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Candles in the Park

A rabbi out West
wants some reasons
why we aren't with the rest
this holiday season

So I wrote this little thing
not for him alone
but for all who might sing
ma'oz tzur on a megaphone

A six-foot menorah
in it's legal place
standing with the tinsel
is a disgrace

Candles in the park
as night takes over the day
might light up the dark
but it's not the Jewish way

Menorahs on a cake
and draidel-shaped pizza
might be fun to make
but it's not persumei nissa

Halacha tells us how
to give our lives meaning
it's not just about
a warm and fuzzy feeeling

Yivanim Nikbitzu Alai
that was back then
if we do what we should
it may not happen again

So let's do what is right
not just how we feel
and perhaps we just might
see Moshiach - for real!