Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Chanukah Kler

This past Shabbos, my brother (Bro #2 of this post ) was kind enough to join us at our home. He arrived Friday afternoon and planned on departing for house (approx. a 1 1/2 hour drive) shortly after Shabbos ended. The question arose as to where he should kindle the Menorah on motzai shabbos.

Chazal instituted the requirement to light the menorah in one's home. The point that needs to be defined is what constitutes one's "home" for this discussion. All agree that a certain level of k'vius is needed. Many poskim hold that spending a single night somewhere is enough of a k'vius to enable one to light at that location. So for Friday night, obviously Bro #2 lit at my house. Motzai shabbbos however, was not so clear. The tzdadim were, should he light at his home because that is his real k'vius, or, should he light at my house because the fact that he spent the past 24 hours there constitutes a k'vius, and it would allow for the additional benefit of lighting at the preferred time, whereas waiting until he would get home would mean lighting at least 90 minutes later.

Bro objected to this last point. How, he asked, can we consider the benefit of lighting on time on motzai shabbos, when it is long after the preferred time of shortly after sunset? And since either way he will not be lighting at the zman, he felt he would be better off lighting at his home at a later time.

I responded with the following chakirah. Is the zman of hadlakas neiros always shortly after shkiyah, and on motzai shabbos, because we have no choice we are forced to light later, or, the regular zman is for all other days but on motzai shabbos chazal were never misaken a zman hadloka of shkiyah but rather a later zman.

I suspect that the second tzad is correct. Therefore it would follow that there would be a benefit of lighting right away on motzai shabbos as opposed to waitng until returning home.

As always consult with a competent halachic authority with any halachic questions. Certainly, before following something written on an anonymous blog.